tourist and all the people who entered Kham Chanod

Must be vaccinated against COVID-19 according to the following criteria:
Have received 2 doses of any type of Sinovac Sinofarm Pfizer Moderna vaccine for at least 14 days.

Received the first dose of Sinovac and the second dose of AstraZeneca. for at least 14 days

Get the AstraZeneca vaccine. Johnson & Johnson Sputnik-V, any type, at least 1 dose for at least 14 days.

Everyone who will come to worship Must prepare documents confirming complete vaccination according to the conditions. or show vaccinations in the doctor ready application will be able to enter

Order of Udon Thani Province
No. 4895 /2564 (amended version)


Kham Chanod Operation Center

Tel : 064-9738384 (LINE), 065-8859065

Created by the executive director of Khamchanod, the first edition.

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Rent and worship only 199 baht per coin, delivery fee 50 baht Flash Express (more than 10 dollars, the actual delivery fee is charged)

You can order to rent and worship the coin and inform the transfer slip at

Facebook :  Kham Chanod Coordination Center

Tel : 064-9738384 (LINE) ,065-8859065

Government Savings Bank, Ban Dung Branch

Account name: Khamchanod Intermediate Account

Account number 053110918595

Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Ban Dung Branch

Account name: Khamchanod Intermediate Account 2

Account number 020121915041


Car rental / tour bus service



Book an appointment to pay homage to Chao Pu Si Sutho and Chao Ya Sri Pathumma.

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